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  • Levissime Lash Perm -...
    Look more penetrating in an instant!
    Enhance and enhance your eyes immediately. Lash Perm allows you to curl the natural eyelash. The effect of length and curvature is achieved as if a mascara were applied, with the advantage of being more durable. Lash Perm gel is a Permanent Eyelash: Permanent gel that curls the lashes naturally, performing a permanent with bigudí or a lifting eyelash. A length and curvature effect with a duration of 6 – 8 weeks is achieved. Enhance your eyes immediately.
  • Naturals

    New Naturals line

    Within our commitment and value on being a sustainable and environmentally friendly brand a Natural brand line is born and created, focused on its product line of facial and body cosmetics levissime.

    The natural environment where Nirvel Cosmetics is located is of exceptionality, recognized uniqueness and botanical diversity. Between the Sierra de Mariola and the Natural Park of font Roja, we find a long tradition of the use of its plants, up to 2000 varieties. In them we have found the best solutions to innovate in active ingredients of quality and efficiency, and for the creation of our Naturals line.

    Respect for the environment and actively positioning ourselves in the face of the degradation of the planet is one of our values that we want to be represented in the future.

  • Levissime Armony - for...

    If you have mixed or oily skin, or if you have a tendency to have an ARMONY dilated pore it is an integral solution that, with a little constancy, will help you regulate the production of sebum and, consequently, the obstruction and increase in pore size of your face.

  • Back to Basic - Hair...
    The new line of high efficiency hair care and excellent results.


    Quality is found in the small details, in the essential aspects of life. Hair care is the essence of beauty.

    Each hair is unique and needs specific care to achieve results in perfect conditions. Not all hair problems have the same origin and, less so, can be treated in the same way.

    Nirvel Professional launches its five hair care lines:

    BasiCare Colored Hair

    Your Color as the first day. Specific line for the care of colored hairs and composed of shampoo, mask and a biphase.

    · Color protection.
    · Softness and Nutrition.
    · Antioxidant Action.

    BasiCare Volume

    Boom effect on your hair. Everything you need for hair with volume. Composed of shampoo, and a biphase.

    · Anti-Frizz.
    · Anti-Gravity effect.
    · Maximum Volume.

    BasiCare Dry Hair

    Fill your hair with life. The most complete line for dry hair care. Composed of shampoo, mask and a biphase.

    · Vitality to the hair.
    · Brightness and Softness.
    · Provides Hydration.

    BasiCare Dandruff Control

    Goodbye to dandruff. Essential products for hair with dandruff. Composed of shampoo and lotion.

    · Reduces irritation.
    · Balance and Control Scalp.
    · Calming action.
    · Eliminate flaking and dandruff.

    BasiCare Hair-Loss Control

    The Hair Loss Brake. If you're worried about hair loss, this is the line you need. Composed of shampoo and lotion.

    · Improves elasticity.
    · Strong, Healthy and Bright Hair.
    · Brushing resistance.
  • Programa Delicate -...
  • Lenissime Vita C Splendor
    New intelligent program with powerful antioxidant action, with Vitamin C concentrate, proteoglycans and plant-derived growth factors, plus an innovative GPS (Global Polarized System) that accompanies the ingredients to act in the areas where our skin needs it most.
  • Levissime Peeling Q...

    A chemical peeling is an acid chemical solution that is applied to the skin for a controlled exfoliation and to renew/regenerate the skin’s outer surface layers.

    The day after the chemical peeling, the skin is much smoother to the touch and visibly much more radiant.


    Formulated with a combination of acids. The choice of acids, or the combination of several of them depends on each skin’s needs.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 15 items


from a family

We founded Nirvel Cosmetics in 1979 as a family business dedicated, in its beginnings, to the manufacture of perfumery products. Our passion for beauty, perseverance and research marked the evolution towards the universe of hair cosmetics, with the world of coloration being our fundamental pillar.

From generation to generation, the company has continued to evolve within the cosmetics sector by creating the levissimebrand, thus expanding its line of body and facial treatments.