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Eyebrows are the most cutting-edge trend of the decade.

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"Like Henna" is an eyebrow treatment, it is an innovative line of eyebrow design products and a natural method to achieve a more complete and defined eyebrow, using all-vegetable ingredients that offer a safe and smooth dyeing process.

10 shades of Like Brow Henna

10 shades of henna, which are mixed, allow you to choose the perfect shade for eyebrow coloring. One boat is sufficient for 120 applications. It consists of natural substances for the natural dye of eyebrows with tattoo effect on the skin, which lasts up to 4 weeks in thehair, and 5 to 7 days on the skin,depending on the type of skin.

Like Brow Henna allows to correct the symmetry of the eyebrows, helps strengthen the hair and contributes to the restoration of the natural shape of the eyebrows. It is based on the purest henna in India and is easy to use. Like Henna's wide color palette, it features 10 universal shades that can be used individually or combined with each other. It is safer to use, without any dangerous chemical presence, such as lead or ammonia.

Mix your "Like Henna" with water in the glass (do not use metal cups), and mix well until it becomes a thick paste. Apply to eyebrow hair and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. After this, rinse with "Like Clean". Use an angled eyebrow brush to accurately apply Like Henna Brow for perfect results.