Lash cleanser and primer for eyelash extensions (LOT 070220)

Lash cleanser Remover and primer for eyelash extensions (LOT 070220)



Pack of Remover, Lash cleanser and primer for natural eyelashes preparation

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Do you use a cleanser or just a primer? Do you know the difference between primer and degreaser?

We use cleanser to increase adhesion and minimize the possibility of artificial eyelashes peeling off, you need to remove epithelial particles, dust and grease from the surface of the natural lashes.
Before starting to put on eyelash extensions, it is considered necessary to do a degreasing, so that the glue does not form a smooth layer and the artificial eyelashes could fall off faster than it would be supposed to.
If the professional is not experienced enough, or is too conservative and decides not to use the degreaser, the final result will have a very low quality.
The grease does not allow the lashes to adhere properly, they slip, and as the result you can get lashes that are not very extended, which the effect you want lasts for a short space of time.
Using only the makeup remover product is not enough, because the degreaser is much more versatile, as it removes:
? Dust, which is inevitably present in the air and tends to settle, even, on the eyelashes;
? Remains of make-up, even after thorough make-up removal;
? Residue from creams;
? Epithelium particles;
? The oil that covers each hair.

When is primer used?

There are opinions about primer being simply a marketing strategy and, that it has no real usefulness as such.
However, there are other studies that support the use of Primer as an important part within the eyelash extensions protocol.
In order to reach an accurate conclusion, it is necessary to know the composition and behavior of this product.
Primer contains a fairly high percentage of alkali. Important to remember that the Ph of natural eyelashes has an acidic environment.
Consequently, when the Primer is applied, this acidity is neutralized, and in turn, creates favorable conditions for the glue to work better on the eyelash and this present proper result.
One of the main characteristics of the Primer is that it evaporates almost instantly. Because of this, the top layer of the cuticle of the natural eyelash dries out and the eyelash becomes rougher.
When the glue is applied, it will penetrate the micro-roughnesses of the eyelash, thus increasing its adhesion.
When should the primer NOT be used?
- If the client's natural eyelashes are: broken, dry, damaged, dehydrated or opaque.
Under no circumstances should we apply primer in the cases described above, as the only thing we would achieve would be to dry and damage the eyelash even more.
If the eyelashes are healthy, well pigmented, we could apply the Primer.
Important mistake NOT to make: the Primer does NOT replace the Deglosser. They are two different products with different functions.

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