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Eyelash extension glues

What is glue for eyelash extensions and what is it for?

The eyelash extension glue is the same "super glue" that polymerizes instantly on contact with surfaces). Any brand of glue for eyelash extensions does not contain exclusive substances in its composition. That is, all the eyelash extension adhesives on the market differ very little. The difference is achieved only by changing the amount of a particular substance in the main composition, which ultimately affects the drying speed and duration.

Remember that eyelash extension glue is not false eyelash glue. You cannot use cyanoacrylate glue for false eyelashes and strip lashes.
In our store you can buy various types of professional glues for eyelash extensions. We have adhesives with different drying times, and also a transparent adhesive for eyelash extensions. If you have a fast speed in the placement of eyelash extensions, you can use VEKI Premium or VEKI Diamond glue without black pigment (Carbon Black), with instant fixation in 1 second. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to choose the Profi type of glue with 2 second hold, so you will have enough time to isolate the natural lashes.

How to use eyelash glue

The performance of the adhesive depends on several factors. Polymerization can be accelerated by high humidity, high temperature, lack of oxygen, and exposure to various components, such as primer or activator (booster).

Also, you should not work in the same room with hairdressers, because ammonia, keratin, botox, hairspray will affect the glue, and your work will be unstable.

Also, perfumes and eau de toilette make the glue polymerize faster. When working with glue, keep in mind that temperature and humidity are closely related.

For example, at a temperature of 20 C and a humidity of 55%, the adhesive will work well. And if the humidity drops to 40-45%, the glue will begin to get capricious. If at the same time you raise the temperature to 23 C, the glue will stabilize. This is explained by the concept of “dew point”.

The best glue for hair-to-hair eyelash extensions

When choosing eyelash glue, consider your experience and the workplace environment, such as temperature and humidity. There are several factors that affect the performance and drying speed of the adhesive.

Toxicity and safety of eyelash extension adhesives
Sometimes you hear about the dangerous composition of the glue for hair-to-hair eyelash extensions. In fact, cyanoacrylate glue can only be harmful in some respects. For example, when gluing materials containing cellulose (cotton, paper). This interaction can lead to an exothermic reaction, i.e. burns or even a fire. For this reason, according to the certificate of this product, it is prohibited to wear cotton or woolen clothing (including gloves made of these materials) at the time of accession.

Therefore, if the rules of use of a certain product allow combining cardboard and other materials, then such actions are not prohibited. The vapors should not be inhaled either, since the harmfulness of adhesives with cyanoacrylate in their composition can cause renal or pulmonary exposure. And, of course, work with such a product must be carried out in a ventilated area. Once cured, the glue is no longer dangerous and its harmfulness is minimal.

Glue for lifting and laminating eyelashes

Today there are a large number of manufacturers on the market, and in different countries. They offer different compositions to laminate the eyelashes and for them they produce glue to fix the silicone molds and forms to the eyelid and to extend and fix the eyelashes themselves to the rollers for lifting.
You can buy eyelash lifting glue at an affordable price in our online store.

Frequently asked questions about eyelash extension glues

What kind of glue is used to glue eyelashes?

The main component of the eyelash extension adhesive is Cyanoacrylate. Cyanoacrylate is an ether of cyanoacrylic acid. Depending on the amount of cyanoacrylate in the adhesive composition, adhesives are divided into fast, medium and slow. The cyanoacrylate content in the adhesive can reach 95%.

How to know if an eyelash glue is good?

Lash glue hair by hair is a cosmetic product, as it has direct contact with natural hair (this also applies to primers, deglossers and removers). Therefore, the glue, like any cosmetic product, must have all the necessary documentation and certificates. Make sure that the product is registered with the AEMPS before purchasing any cosmetic product for eyelash extensions. All VEKI brand cosmetic products for eyelash extensions are registered in the European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) and the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS).

What is better clear or black eyelash glue?

The main difference between the two adhesives for eyelash extensions is that clear adhesives do not contain the black pigment (carbon black), which is one of the components of black eyelash glues.
Clear eyelash extension adhesives tend to achieve a stronger bond with the natural lashes, which results in better retention, as they contain more of the bonding agent (cyanoacrylate) than black adhesives, which are diluted with black pigment. Clear adhesives are also a better choice for clients, as some people are allergic to the carbon black component and not to cyanoacrylate.

How long does eyelash glue last?

To achieve an extremely long duration of an eyelash extensions application, we have to warn the client: the shorter and less thicker the extension is, the longer it will last.

What affects the extreme length of eyelash extensions?

- How to prepare
- Material
- Technique
- Health of natural eyelashes

What is the price of eyelash glue?

The current average price of glue for eyelash extensions is 25 euros. The price varies depending on the brand, the format of the bottle, whether the necessary documentation and certificates are available, where the glue is sold and the country of manufacture.