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  • Longevity Program....
    longevity levissime, based on Stemness Recovery ComplexTM technology, works by improving the environment in which skin stem cells are located. This improves its functionality, delays premature aging and maintains the population of epidermal stem cells. MAIN ACTIVES: Peptide Peptides are ingredients of great interest for cosmetics since because of their low molecular weight they have a good assimilation through the skin. Improves stem cell functionality. It keeps the population. Prevents premature aging Stabilized Vitamin C. Increases collagen synthesis. UVB/UVA rays protective effect. antioxidant. Unifies the yeast extract tone. Improves cellular oxygenation. Cell renewal Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.
  • Stop 30 program....
    Stop 30 Facial Care Pack a facial treatment pack containing three specific products for face care, neckline and eye contour.
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