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The treatment of eyelash extensions over the last few years has grown exponentially in our country to the point of appearing countless centers and hairdressers that promise, in all things, to have defined eyelashes and a spectacular look.

However, the customer experience is not always satisfactory because often the right technique is not used or, simply, low quality materials are used with hook prices that do not leave the promised result.

In our Center we have the best and advanced eyelash extensions technique of the revolutionary 2D-6D Russian Volume technical market known in Spain as Russian Layering 2D-3D which is most effective in people with very fine and sparrowed tabs and for people who want to wear them permanently.

Our more than 500 satisfied patients in the last 3 years have allowed us to know in each case what the improved technique we use is indicated to obtain the best possible result.

We are an independent Center, we do not belong to any franchise and we do not have any exclusivity agreement with suppliers so you will always find in us a sincere opinion and the search for your best experience in processing eyelash extensions.

And finally, remember three key aspects in processing eyelash extensions:

  • Each person has unique eyes (eye shape, own eyelash thickness, eyelash thickness, droopy eyelid, age) and if each person is treated the same treatment - such as the same thickness, design - as length and curvature, it may look different from the same treatment, such as incompatibility of thickness for natural eyelashes and short duration of them and etc.
  • Each person experiences different hormonal moments throughout their life (pregnancies, lactation, hormonal insufficiency) that affect both the hair (eyelashes is like any hair in the body that affect hormonal changes).
  • The most effective Eyelash Extension Treatments should be monitored periodically by performing, where appropriate, the revisions and reviews required to keep your extensions in perfect condition.


Phone is 635 319 219, WhatsApp, SMS or you can write in email: katerina@nailandlash.com

Appointments are booked only by phone or via WhatsApp.

If we do not respond to your call use the email, WhatsApp, SMS please, which at the same time we are busy, you will be answered as soon as possible.

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